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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the sixth largest church in the United States with approximately 15 million Mormons following the religion. The Mormonism was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1820 because he was overwhelmed by the different Christian denominations formed and he wondered which denomination was true. When he was 14 years old, he went into the woods to pray in order to figure out his concerns and supposedly God appeared to him and told Smith not to join any of the denominations in his town. Three years later, Smith was visited by an angel called Moroni that told him that he was chosen to transcribe the Book of Mormon. The book was published in 1830 and the book told of the Jews plight in Jerusalem and how the Jewish people fled the country for the United States. In addition, the Book of Mormon discusses the culture, civilization, and Jesus’ appearance in America. After publication, the Mormon faith began to grow but because the faith was accepting to polygamy, Smith and his followers were persecuted and forced to move to different states. Until one day, a mob attacked Joseph Smith and his brother killing both of them in the process. Due to the unfortunate events, the church was split into two different faiths one led by Smith’s widow and the other group was led by Brigham Young in Utah.

After Joseph Smith’s death, the group led by Brigham Young became the religious group that most Mormons follow today. Brigham Young was capable of maintaining Joseph Smith’s goal of having a denomination that was different from other Christian denominations but maintained some similar aspects. The Mormon faith has spread across the world with 144 temples and 88,000 missionaries worldwide. The Mormon faith does meet...

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...gatory reach heaven. While certain customs are uniquely Mormon, other traditions are similar to the Christian faith such as wedding ceremonies, celebrating Easter, and resting on Sundays.
Mormonism has traditions and customs different from other faiths and the more advancement in society some changes occur in the faith. While some aspects of Mormonism is strict such not having caffeine other ethics are similar to Christianity. For instance, in Christianity and Mormonism the concepts are the same thus making Mormonism being considered as a part of Christianity. Some rituals in Mormonism are unique to the religion because of the symbols represent becoming a new and following the guidelines set out by Jesus. The different parts of Mormonism make the religion unique because the different ideologies help followers have a better understanding of the religion.

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