Essay about The Church Is The Defender Of The Truth

Essay about The Church Is The Defender Of The Truth

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The best form of description on what the Church today should look like is in the New Testament. The Church is the defender of the truth. Just like the New Testament is warned against false teachings; we are urged to be aware of the lies around us. Believers must both individually and as a unite must seek Christ on any matters involving the truth (Hayes, 3). John told the believers to test the spirits to know how to recognize the Spirit of God. In 1 John 4:2-3 John tells us that “Every spirit recognizes that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God…” With our culture, today and the things that have been going on, it is important for our Church to know the truth of God from the lies of man. The Church oversees handling the Word of God correctly as an interpreter to its members. A man named John Calvin shared that “every church should be a school of Christ” (Hayes, 92). It is necessary for the modern Church to make sure that their congregation of believers or even known believers knows that Christ is the center of their theology and that the truth of the Word is what they are teaching about. Another issue of the Modern Church is that they lean towards the popular culture instead of the “timeless Word” and the Spirit that is what empowers the Church (Hayes, 99). The Church is to be the shaper of culture rather than being shaped by the culture. Os Guinness says “The dissolution of faith’s authority and the disappearance of any positive force for truth and godliness turn into high-density, negative, and devouring force for evil” ( Hayes, 99). This is a reason why our Modern Church needs to specifically preach and teach the Word of God and let the Holy Spirit to go to work in unison with the Word. Instead of conforming to the world...

... middle of paper ... the Church is. The Church isn’t just about a building or what kind of lights are being used. The Church is about being one body joined together under Christ. Fellowship of believers is what builds and puts together what is known as the Church. The mission of the Church is to reach out to non-believers as said in Acts 1:8. The mission is to learn about Christ as the foundation of the Church. The leaders in the Church mission is to not let the believers go astray from the truth. The New Testament Church is what gives us a guidebook on the Church, its mission, and what the God is calling us out to do. Looking throughout the Scriptures and the beginning of the Church, Paul and the other missionaries worked to unify the believers no matter their race or where they were located. The Church is supposed to be a haven for believers and to bring the non-believers to Christ.

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