Church History And How It Fits With Biblical Theology Essay

Church History And How It Fits With Biblical Theology Essay

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The idea of who should be baptize is very important. Even though I can understand the both sides of the argument I still believe after examining church history and how it fits with Biblical theology, that baptism should only be done by adults who have made a profession of faith in God. I would even include children who are at the age of accountability and can internalize the importance of declaring their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I firmly believe that while infant baptism was done historically, I believe that it is done in error due to what I believe the Bible teaches on who should be baptize, especially as it relates to Christian Baptism. Even though my stance is this, I still suggest there should be a different approach when it comes to infants and I will also argue for the need of baby dedication instead of infant baptism.
While there are some people that support both sides of the argument. According to Wright, he believes that Scripture deals with both instances.
White points out that the Bible actually supports both side of the argument by showing those who were incline to baptize infants were supported by four household (oikos) passages which speaks to baptizing the whole household. However, those who support that baptism should be reserve for those who has reached the age of accountability gets their supporting text from Mark 16:16, “The one who believes and is baptized will be saved”. (1993, pg. 19)
While I completely understand the Scriptures about the entire households being baptized, but based on my interpetations on what classifies Christian baptism, I declare that infants do not meet these criteria. I believe what separated John’s baptism from Paul was the fact that when John baptize he did not baptized in th...

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... repentance in the context of the last time.
Some of John’s converts were still around twenty years later (Acts18:25; 19:1-7) but by then Christian communities had experienced a new reality of baptism, the activity of the Holy Spirit. (1993, p. 16)
In regards to Christian baptism, there should not only be repentance but there should be a profession of belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior from the person who will be baptized. This should come at the age of recognizing right from wrong or accountability age, but nonetheless, it should not be via another person such as a parent or guardian. Each person must be united in Christ by accepting the gift of God, which is salvation through Jesus. While I do not believe baptism is require in order to receive the Holy Spirit, however, baptism symbolically demonstrates us dying in the flesh and rising to a new life with him.

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