The Church and Its Participation in God's Mission Essay

The Church and Its Participation in God's Mission Essay

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The church –local and universal– and her participation in God’s mission to the world is one of the central themes in the discussion of theology of mission. However, this focus on the church per se, seems to overshadow other important factors such as the pastor’s role and how him/her can lead the local church in God’s missional task. There is scarce literature dedicated to this particular topic; hence this paper seeks to be a contribution as it underscores the role of the pastor as an agent of mission, specifically among Latino American Christianity.
The first section of the paper will describe what is theology of acompañamiento. Then, the paper will present a scant biblical overview, which serves as a foundation for such pastoral theology. Within this overview much prominence will be given to two biblical accounts that are central to the discussion. The final section will focus on the ministry of Pastor Freddy. A Pentecostal Puerto Rican pastor who while serving as the spokesman of the ecumenical coalition Todo Puerto Rico con Vieques, defined his roles as una pastoral de acompañamiento.
Traditionally, the theological task was guided by two loci theologici: the Bible and tradition. However, theology is not done in a cultural vacuum. “As our cultural and historical contexts play a part in the construction of reality in which we live in, so our context influence the understanding of God and the expression of the truth.” As a result every theology is contextual. Consequently this adds a third element to the two loci theologici; this is the human cultural experience. Therefore, contextual theologizing is not only done with the Bible and through tradition, but also is geographical, temporal and particu...

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