The Chronicles of Progressive Sanctification Essay

The Chronicles of Progressive Sanctification Essay

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Since the beginning of man’s first ability to articulate his thoughts into words, he began traditions that exceeded all written text. These traditions included passing on stories from one generation to the next with the hopes of conveying some hidden moral principle to our children in a memorable and entertaining fashion. As society has progressed and developed over the years, and as thoughts became words, words turned into stories, and stories in some cases. became novels. In modern life, novels can be transformed using symbolism and archetypes through the art of film making. In the film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, just before Lucy’s first discovery of the magical land of Narnia, she is seen opening the door of a beautiful wardrobe. As the door opens three white marbles roll out, symbolizing the path of good, the free will of mankind, and evil. Through the use of symbolism, most predominately the three white marbles, the film portrays the choice of all humans regarding whether to follow the path of the free will of mankind by choosing to become more Christ-like, or to follow the wicked and be shrouded in darkness.
Due to its absence of color, white has been a symbol of purity amongst many cultures throughout the world. The color white is merely a reflection of all the colors of the visible spectrum of light. Because of this, the first white marble represents Aslan, who is the symbol of hope across the fictitious land of Narnia. The lamp post is representative of Aslan; this portrays the eternal flame symbolizing hope, and serves as a simple reminder that no matter how dark night is, hope will be there to light the way for those who are lost in darkness. The relationship between fire an...

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...f darkness, becomes an individual decision.

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