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Every book has its bad guy and every book has its hero. While reading the book Chronicles of a Blood Merchant there was a guy by the name of Xu Sanguan that really stuck out to me. Xu Sanguan continued to be a hero throughout the whole entire book. There are many things that Xu Sanguan does in the book that make him a hero, things such as persuading Xu Yulan father to not let Xu Yulan lose her last name, takes Yile under his wing, and also sells blood to provide for his family. After finishing the book Chronicle of a Blood Merchant Xu Sanguan is definitely the hero of the book. I could read the book one hundred times and never change my mind about who the real hero is.
In the beginning of the book it describes what Xu Sanguans job is. Xu Sanguan works at a factory pushing a trolley full of puffy white silk worm cocoons, delivering them to young women who ran the spinning machines (Hua 20). While working at the silk factory he would notice a very pretty woman whom worked at the little snack shop. He noticed her because every time something happened to her she would let out a little cry of “Aiya!”. This woman’s name is Xu Yulan, also known as “The fried dough queen” (Hua 21). She was well known around the town for always changing her outfit three times a day. One day Xu Sanguan finally go the nerve to talk to Xu Yulan. Xu Yulan noticed that Xu Sanguan was talking to a man about a show and when she turned back around he was still there staring at her. She said “Why are you staring at me like that? And smiling that way to! (Hua 23) The reason he was staring at her that way was because he wanted to treat her to a treat. Even though the fried dough queen didn’t know Xu Sanguan the next day she let him treat her to a nice meal. A meal...

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...people because they didn’t know how many times he had sold his blood in the last two months. He raised enough money to care for his children. If that doesn’t describe a hero at its finest I don’t know what will. Someone who is willing to sell their own blood to care for others is a hero in my eyes.
Over the course of this semester and all the book we read “Chronicles of a Blood Merchant” was my favorite. Just when I thought the family was done for and not going to make it Xu Sanguan came through and was a hero. He pulled through when Xu Yulan was going to lose her last name to He Xiaoyong, he took Yile under his wing when his father didn’t want him, and he also sold his own blood to support his family. Like I said before if that doesn’t make Xu Sanguan a hero then you do not know what a hero is. Xu Sanguan is a hero through in and throughout this whole entire book.

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