Essay on Chronic Pain Of Lower Extremity Swelling

Essay on Chronic Pain Of Lower Extremity Swelling

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Mrs. Krystock a 74-year-old female here today complaining of lower extremity swelling.

The patient tells me that she has noticed that her ankles and feet have been swollen for the last couple of weeks. She does not recall ever having this in the past, except for years and years ago, which she said was at a time when she was quite ill and hospitalized. She has not really had lower extremity swelling since then. She says that what she has noticed over the years is that her ankles and feet seem to "puff up" when it is very hot weather, as it has been recently. She has noticed that similar puffiness in her hands also. In the recent weeks, she has seen some puffiness in her hands, but describes more of a swelling in her legs. There has been no recent travel, no recent surgeries. No pain in the calf area itself and no real discomfort, just the swelling. It tends to be better in the morning, and worse as the day goes on. She admits that this all started after undergoing a sigmoidoscopy with Brian Hyett, MD in August. I actually do not have a copy of that report. Followi...

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