Chronic Illness and Patient-doctor Communication: Annotated Bibliography

Chronic Illness and Patient-doctor Communication: Annotated Bibliography

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Cerimagic, S. (2013). Cross-cultural effects on cancer patient-doctor communication. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 1 (12), 192-200.
In this qualitative research, Cerimagic aims at determining whether a patient’s culture, language, and race affect the quality of the patient-doctor relationship and communication. The researcher used a secondary analysis methodology in order to conduct a systematic review of existing literature and past research findings. Thease recent and past researches produced the complications that resulted from cultural differences and its effects on health care provider-patient communication and relationships. The qualifications for sampling frame included studies in English language and those documenting the cross-cultural effects on the communication between doctors and cancer patients, and excluded any other studies. Cerimagic used four search engines PubMed, MEDLINE, EBSCOhost, and Google scholar. There was no limitation on the publication year.
The study observed a positive correlation exists between doctor-patient relationships and improved health outcomes. Moreover, the study identified the major risk factors in poor management and prognosis of cancer, which were poor patient-doctor communication, lack of truth telling about fatal illnesses, and low social economic and educational levels. Subsequently, it revealed the major determinants of the quality of health care provided. The research stressed on the importance of taking into consideration the patient’s cultural backgrounds during healthcare provision process, and recommended that health care providers be sensitive towards patients.
However, Cerimagic (2013) argued that an individual’s culture is determined by his or her reli...

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...mechanisms linking self-esteem to physiological and/or psychological components in diseases may elucidate causal relationships and enlighten on theoretical models of self-care, well-being, and disease management.

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