Chronic Heel Pain Case Study Essays

Chronic Heel Pain Case Study Essays

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Chronic heel pain is the most common condition, accounts about 15 percent in population (Rome, 2005). Chronic plantar heel pain likely present in conditions plantar fascitis, subcalcaneal bursitis, neuritis, subcalcaneal spur (Narvaez et al, 2006). The common cause of chronic plantar heel pain is plantar fascitis.pain may occur along the entire attachment of the plantar fascia or limited usually on the inferior medial aspect of the calcaneum,the bony prominence act as the origin for the plantar fascia and the weakest point of the fascia in which the fibres themselves are in highly tensile stress. Pain in the morning is due to the inflammation of the plantar fascia, in rest the inflammatory exudates will settle while, initiating the movement after prolong rest produce pain (Riddle et al, 2003).
subcalcaneal bursa present on the posterior aspect of the calcaneum behind the Achilles tendon and inflammation of the bursa produced pain on the posterior aspect of the heel in subcalcaneal bursitis .subcalcaneal spur is due to plantarfascitis, healing process occurs in damaged fascia as blood rush up to the injured area, calcium in the blood is deposited to produce exostoses of the calcaneum spur. Last about neuritis is the inflammation of the nerve with sensory loss and pain (Rome et al, 2000).
About Gender females more common to get chronic plantar heel pain than male due overweight that stress the foot , broad pelvis increased Q angle will causes increase in physiological genuvalgum it further causes pronation of the foot. Size of the foot compared to male is small, in smaller surface area it as to bear more force stress the soft tissue and leads to pain as a result of damaged tissues. It is very common among the adolescen...

... middle of paper ... pregnancy as the body gains weight in gestation period, skin lesion restricts the measurements, seronegative arthritis involvement of the joints and reduce range of motion. Participants taken steroid injection increases the body weight and participants under conservative management or taken treatment before eight weeks reduces the pain all this factors interfere with the accuracy of the result and outcome measures.
The measurements are taken by two different researches for both the group that may show a slight variation in the data. It could be better if the measurements are taken by the same person or pilot study would have been done to correlate between the two investigators. Randomised case control study was approved by the faculty of Health Sciences Human Ethics of La Trobe University. Researches took the informed consent from all the participants.

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