Chronic Fatigue Syndrome As A Medical Issue Essay

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome As A Medical Issue Essay

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Chronic fatigue syndrome has become a medical issue because of its status as a contested disorder. No existing medical tools can pinpoint the biological cause for the ailment (Richmann, Jason, Taylor and Jahn 2000). Consequently, the illness is attributed to psychosocial causes rather than biological causes. That being said, chronic fatigue syndrome can be explained through the social constructionist perspective because the social meaning attached to the illness influences the label of diagnosis. Similarly, the label is a product of politics within the medical and psychiatric institutions because the institutions have the power to define an illness and their respective treatments. The bureaucracies also portray chronic fatigue syndrome as a gendered illness. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical companies have a significant role in the way chronic fatigue syndrome is labelled through its influence on direct-to-consumer advertising (Ebeling 2011, Conrad 2007). Lastly, chronic fatigue syndrome demonstrates that the role of medicine has positive and dangerous implications. In what follows, chronic fatigue syndrome will be analyzed as a product of labels, which has consequences for patients and society.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a contested illness because its status as a legitimate illness is controversial due to its unknown etiology. The biological origin responsible for chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown (Clarke and James 2003, Conrad and Baker 2010, Richmann, et al. 2000). In addition, existing tools responsible for diagnosis are unable to be applied to the disorder because the tools can only diagnose illnesses that have a biological cause. Therefore, diagnosis depends on the detection of its symptoms (Aronowitz 1998 as cited in Ebe...

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... been labelled as a contested illness because its status as a legitimate illness is controversial. The biological origin is unknown, which encourages the diagnosis to be socially constructed as a psychological illness. The label attached to the diagnosis reflects the politics within the medical and psychiatric institutions because of the bureaucracies’ interests. The psychiatric institution benefits because it has more people under its scope. The pharmaceutical companies are also responsible for the way chronic fatigue syndrome is defined through their direct-to-consumer advertising techniques. Nonetheless, the study of chronic fatigue system is important because the diagnosis can have serious implications for patients and for society, in general. Future research, should identify how the role of medicine can help define chronic fatigue syndrome as a medical problem.

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