Chronic Congestive Failure Of Congestive Heart Failure Essay examples

Chronic Congestive Failure Of Congestive Heart Failure Essay examples

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Congestive Heart Failure
There are many different Diseases in the world today. One of those diseases is Congestive Heart Failure. Congestive Heart Failure, according to Chris Linney, an Ireland Veterinarian, “is whereby abnormal cardiac function results in the accumulation and retention of water and sodium, most frequently resulting in pulmonary or systemic volume overload leading to congestion.” Congestive Heart failure is basically where the lungs can fill up with fluid and can be fatal or can cause congestion. There are three different levels/types of Congestive Heart failure: 1) is acute Congestive Heart Failure, 2) Minimal Congestive Heart Failure, and 3) Advanced Heart Failure. Each of the levels have a variety of ways how the patient can be affected. Also according to the Yale Book of Medicine Heart there are four different levels of this disease: A,B,C, and D. This essay is going to describe the symptoms, ratio of people and animals who have it, treatments, and causes with Congestive Heart Failure.
The symptoms of this disease, according to Lynn Fletcher and Debra Thomas, “Some patients may be dyspneic and able to speak in short sentences, while others with chronic CHF may appear comfortable and asymptomatic” (P. 252) . The symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure will appear differently in different people. According to A. Alikhassi, R. Omranipour, and Z. Alikhassy, who work at Terhan University of Medical Science in the Cancer Institute and Breast Clinic, Some Symptoms are “dyspnea, fatigue, weakness, swelling in legs, increased need to urinate at night, and lack of appetite” . This disease affects mostly the elderly today. Some other symptoms are possible, according to Heart book from Yale the ...

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...ommon disease today. Like any other disease it has it’s owns treatments, statistics, and causes. The treatment options for this disease are medication, heart transplant, and pacemaker. The statistics however between animals and humans are quite interesting because according to Niloufar Binaei , Mahin Moeini , Masoumeh Sadeghi , Mostafa Najafi , Zahra Mohagheghian, “ about 5 million people in America suffer from congestive heart failure.” This disease is even more common than people thought. Like all the other diseases in the world, Congestive Heart Failure or CHF has symptoms like fatigue, weight gain and swelling. Now there are different treatment options for this disease like transplant surgery and pacemakers. The ratio of this disease between humans and animals is however interesting. The causes of this disease are normal but what this disease can cause is unique.

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