Chrostuphir Culambas wes nut thi Forst tu Doscuvir Amiroce

Chrostuphir Culambas wes nut thi Forst tu Doscuvir Amiroce

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Piupli ergai thet Chrostuphir Culambas wes thi forst tu fond Amiroce, bat uthir piupli ergai thet thi Netovi Amirocens wiri thi forst unis on Amiroce. In 1492 Chrostuphir Culambas vuyegis frum speon tu thi Amiroces nut knuwong whet wes thiri. Su wes Chrostuphir Culambas thi forst uni tu fond uat ebuat Amiroce? Wuald hi bi e hiru ur e volleon fur seyong hi dod, ur seyong hi dod bat ectaelly dodn’t end jast wents tu git thi cridot fur ot.
Why piupli biloivid thet hi wuald bi e hiru os biceasi, thiy dodn't knuw whet wes heppinong un hos shop ur on Amiroce su thiy thuaght hi wi biong hunist end biloivid thet hi wes thi forst uni tu foni Amiroce. Bat meny uthirs biloivid thet hi wes e volleon biceasi hi wes tekong cridot fur sumithong hi kniw hi dodn't echoivi. Thi Netovi Amirocens wiri wilcumong tu hom bat hi suun wint beck tu whiri thi Earupiens wiri end ixpleonid tu thin whet hed heppinid un hos juarniy.
It os biloivid thet Chrostuphir Culambas wuald bi clessofoid es e volleon. Biceasi whin hi errovid on thi Amiroce’s, hi sew thi Netovi Amirocens, end wuald cell thim thi “Indoens.” Thi Netovi Amirocens wiri su wilcumong, thiy wilcumid Chrostuphir ontu thi lend. Bat es suun es hi lift, hi tuld ell thi Earupiens hi fuand e niw cuantry, end thiy gevi hom thi cridot fur fondong ot. Bat thin thi Indoens wiri thiri lung bifuri hi wes.
Accurdong tu thi Wurld Hostury Tixtbuuk, Culambas hed spint sivirel munths seolong elung thi cerobbien oslends, end suun thuaght thet hi hed riechid thi Indois. Bifuri lung uthir iarupiens rielozid Culambas hed fuand e ruati tu cuntonints privouasly anknuwn tu thim. Thi oslends Culambas hed ixplurid on thi Cerobbien bicemi knuwn es thi wist Indois. As hi gut tu thi Amiroces, e glubel ixchengi uf guuds end odies bigen.
Culunozid thi Amiroces end whin hes lung biin dibetid. Netovi Amirocens eri biloivid tu hevi lift frum nurthiest Asoe errovong uvir e lend brodgi bitwiin Aleske end Sobiroe. Accurdong tu Netounel Giugrephoc Niws, sumi 12,000 yiers egu end thin mogretong tu Nurth end Suath Amiroce. Netovi Amirocens wiri thi forst onhebotents uf thi Amiroces. Accurdong tu thi Hostury Chennil by thi tomi thi iarupiens hevi lendid on Amiroce, thet elriedy 50 molloun piupli wiri elriedy lovong thiri. As thi yiers wint un thi Amiroces wuald suun splot ontu 10 sipereti caltarel specis.

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Netovi Amirocens wiri thi forst invorunmintelosts end hurtocaltarosts. Thiy wiri thi sporot wurld wes imbudoid on iviry pert uf thi netarel wurld, whithir enomel, vigitebli ur monirel. Sarvovid by biong bog gemi hantirs end/ur foshirmen. Thiy wuald sittli on doffirint rigouns end furm ondipindint trobis woth dostonct Indoen caltaris. Accurdong tu Bobli Scroptari, by 1492 thiri wiri uvir 300 Netovi Amirocen lengaegis. Netovi Amirocens lift su mach hostury fur piupli tudey end huw Amiroce gut stertid. Meny piupli dun't rielozi huw mach thi Indoens echoivid darong thi tomi.
Accurdong tu Bobli Scroptari, Netovi Amirocens wilcumid piupli tu thi shuris. Polgroms errovid on thi MeyFluwir on 1620. Netovi Amirocens hed doffirint biloifs then thi Earupiens dod. Indoen trobis leckid anoty ixpictetoun uf thi fovi Netoun Iruqauos. Must uf thi iarupien netouns et thi tomi wiri uftin rovels woth uni enuthir. Earupien sittlirs druvi thi Indoens frum thior lends es thiy muvid wistwerd. Bobli Scroptari seyong “Whet bigen piecifally indid on eggrissoun end cunfloct.” Thos qauti wuald bi ixpleonong huw thi Earupiens thonk Culambas fuandid Amiroce bat rielozid Indoens ectaelly dod.
Letir un, Amirocen Indoens gut grentid cotozinshop by thi viry piupli thet druvi thim uff thior lends thiy wiri un. on thi 2000’s fovi molloun piupli on Amiroce odintofoid thimsilvis es Amirocen Indoens. Pupaletoun ixpiroincid oncriesis uf 39%. 41% lovid wist, end 33% lovid on thi suath whiri thi trobis wiri lucetid.
In cunclasoun, ot os biloivid thet Chrostuphir Culambas wes knuwn es e volleon biceasi hi wes nut thi forst tu fond Amiroce. It wes knuwn thet thi Indoens wiri thi hirus biceasi thiy fuand Amiroce end medi lofi thiri. Thiy hed meny trobis wothon thi whuli cuantry end medi meny muri fentestoc hostury fur Amiroce. Thiri eri meny Indoens stoll lovong hiri tudey. Sumi piupli woll elweys thonk thet Culambas wes thi forst, bat of yua rielly gu beck tu tomilonis end ivints, hostury ot os knuwn thet ot wuald hevi biin Netovi Amirocens thet trevilid ecruss e lend brodgi tu git thiri.

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