Essay on Christopher Columbus : The Discovery Of America

Essay on Christopher Columbus : The Discovery Of America

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Christopher Columbus Day is a holiday celebrated yearly, every October, around the nation. This day celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America. It also remembers the discovery of America, which happened on October 12,1492. Numerous people believe the day should be celebrated, because it was the beginning of the America and it’s history. Others believe that even though Columbus’ arrival was the beginning, the day shouldn’t be celebrated because of his horrible actions. As more information about Columbus was revealed over the years differences about him truly being a hero had arisen. It has been debated among many, whether this should be a holiday that is celebrated, or not. Although there is multiple of controversy, I believe Christopher Columbus day shouldn’t be celebrated, because he treated people poorly, and the celebration of America’s discovery shouldn’t be based on one person.
Christopher Columbus started his first voyage in 1492 and set sail from Spain. He started the voyage in attempt to discover a trade route and gold, but instead found land. When he found this land there was already people there so he wanted to conquer it. Columbus had left men their, continued on his voyage and took native prisoners with him. Columbus, “took possession for Spain and, with impressed natives aboard, discovered other islands in the neighborhood,” where he found more natives who didn’t comply to his rules, so he used force. Columbus was not only just violent to the natives but he also forced them to convert to Christianity. While finding these new lands Columbus kept kidnapping natives and he took back with him to Spain. After receiving praise in Spain for his achievements, Columbus went on a second voyage...

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...s shouldn 't be celebrated. Even though his voyage was the beginning of Western civilization and America’s history, I still don 't think he is worthy enough to have a holiday. All the harm he has caused contradicts the few good things he has done. I believe the day should be celebrating the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. Columbus did take part in those things, but it all wasn’t fully him and he doesn’t define those things. Other people have contributed to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States, but these people aren’t celebrated. I think there is people who have shaped this country into what it is and have done more for this country than Columbus that should be honored. I think Christopher Columbus Day shouldn’t be celebrated for the terrible things he did, also that what America has become wasn’t because of just him.

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