Christopher Columbus: Sailing for Spain Essay

Christopher Columbus: Sailing for Spain Essay

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Christopher Columbus was a Spanish explorer. He is most known for his exploration starting in 1492 where he hoped to reach Asia but instead found the “New World”. His success in finding the “New World” later gave him a day completely dedicated to him; it is a day to celebrate his accomplishments. Columbus was a great explorer and he accomplished a lot in his travels. In addition to finding the “New World”, he also founded the Hispainolia colony, and reached modern day Trinidad as well as the coast Venezuela.
Many people are curious why Columbus sailed for Spain and not Italy, which was a country he grew up in and lived for many years. Columbus met his wife while he was traveling. They got married and had one child, a boy named Diego. Soon after, Columbus’ wife died. Then he and his son moved to Spain, which started his ongoing pursuit to explore for Spain. In 1492, Columbus sailed the Atlantic Ocean to reach the coast of Asia. He never accomplished this goal but he did indeed accomplish something even greater than anyone ever dreamed of. Columbus landed on some islands in the Caribbean Sea. Founding the “New World”, or what is now part of the modern day Americas. He set out on his voyage on August 3, 1492 with 3 ships and a total of around 90 crew members. He captained one ship, the Santa Maria, and allowed two other trusted crew members to captain the other two ships, the Nina and the Pinta. They spotted land on October 12, 1492 and landed quite early that morning (Worldbookonline). There is a lot of controversy about what Columbus did to the natives of the islands but in many records it is stated that he forced them to work for little profit, enslaved them or made them mine for gold. He was very cruel to the natives and man...

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