Essay Christopher Columbus And The Columbian Exchange

Essay Christopher Columbus And The Columbian Exchange

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Without intention in 1492 Christopher Columbus initiated an event that is perhaps the most important historical turning point in modern times to the American Continents. . “For thousands of years before 1492, human societies in Americas had developed in isolation from the rest of the world.”(P. 4) Christopher Columbus and other European voyagers ended all this beginning in1492 as they searched for treasure and attempted to spread Christianity. For the first time people from Europe, Africa, and the Americas were in regular contact. Columbus was searching for one matter and discovered something entirely different. He was intending to reach Asia by sailing west rather than taking the traditional route around the Cape of Good Horn. On October 12, 1492, Columbus and his men landed on an island in the Bahamas. This 1492 event brought together three worlds politically, culturally and environmentally and led to what historians refer to as The Columbian Exchange which acted as a merging of European and American natives’ cultures together. Colonization came down to be the most drastic innovation to the “new world”, as it forced many inhabitants to abandon their homes. The introduction of new crops to the Americas such as tobacco also expanded slavery to the new world. The year 1492 was one of the most important turning points in the history of the American Continents not because of Columbus as he was not the first person to land in the Americas but because of the changes that followed.
The four continents Europe, North America, South America, and Africa would now always be bound together and the events that followed were both productive and destructive for the Americas at the same time. “As European adventurers traversed the world in the...

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...covered before and after the year of 1492; European influence had a roaring effect on the reign it sprung forth, during the many voyages by explorers. Christopher Columbus is profoundly known to be the key asset to advance European culture across seas. The Columbian Exchange, colonization, and the growth of slave usage throughout the usage of the Triangular Trade, all conveyed foreign practices to the American Continent while also interrupting, but at the same time joining with the lifestyles of the inhabitants of these lands. A mixture of processes and voyagers transformed America into a “new world”, catching the world by surprise. America would not have developed to the period in existence today, if it was not for this growing period of the “old” and “new” worlds. A global world is in continuation through today as nations continue to share cultural aspects.

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