Christopher Columbus : An Italian Explorer Essay

Christopher Columbus : An Italian Explorer Essay

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Growing up, all throughout middle school and at my household Christopher Columbus was always being brought up and talked about for everything he had did. but the problem was it was never really explained well enough for me to understand what made him such an interesting person, and that is why I chose Christopher Columbus to write my paper on so I can understand what had made him such an interesting man.
Christopher was an italian explorer, navigator, colonizer and citizen of the republic of genoa. Under the auspices of the catholic monarchs of spain, he completed four voyages across the atlantic ocean. Christopher was born in 1451 and died in spain on may 20, 1506. his spouse 's name was filipa moniz and he had two children , diego columbus, and ferdinand columbus. His occupation was a maritime explorer. many people say he was the guy to discover america, where others totally disagree with that stating that there were millions of people already living in the place we call america. so my goal is to get down to the bottom of it and research to find out the truth about christopher an...

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