Christopher Columbus, An Italian Explorer For Spain Essay

Christopher Columbus, An Italian Explorer For Spain Essay

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- 1492 – Christopher Columbus’ voyages
Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer for Spain, began his European exploration in 1492. During this journey, he discovered three voyages to the New World. This event was significant because it not only opened doors to a New World, but created more opportunities, trade and business wise. Christopher Columbus created vast experiences for those who followed behind him in exploring the New World.

- 1494 – Treaty of Tordesillas
With various explorers following in Christopher Columbus’ footsteps, confusion began to arise between Spain and Portugal concerning who actually had claims to parts of the New World. The Treaty of Tordesillas was signed in 1494 and it settled this dispute. It allowed Spain to claim all of the new found land west of a point and Portugal to claim all the new found land east of that point.

- 1519 – Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage
Ferdinand Magellan, much like Christopher Columbus, was a Portuguese explorer for Spain who traveled around the globe until 1522. His voyage was significant because he revealed various bodies of water that showed other explorers and individuals that the world was actually larger than it seemed. It gave countries access to valuable trade routes, bodies of water, and methods of navigation to travel throughout these passageways.

- 1620 – Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock
The pilgrims were originally headed for Virginia; instead they landed in Massachusetts, first at Provincetown and then at Plymouth. The pilgrims led by William Bradford landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 seeking religious freedom. They agreed to abide by the Mayflower Compact in which they promised to obey the laws that they would create together, setting the precedent for particip...

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...l fell. It led not only to the reunification of Germany, but more importantly to the defeat of communism mostly because of widespread economic failure in most European countries. This event is significant because had it not have happened, there would be an East and West Germany as two separate countries which would have led to more controversy.

- 2001 – 9/11
On September 11, 2001, four passenger planes were hijacked by Islamic terrorists. The planes were used to bomb significant U.S. locations, the World Trace Center towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Over 3,000 people on the ground and in the air were killed during this event. The significance of this event was that it allowed America to be more prepared for future terrorist attacks by stepping up security measures and other safety precautions to ensure that 9/11 never occurs again.

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