Essay about Christopher Columbus, A Spanish Explorer

Essay about Christopher Columbus, A Spanish Explorer

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From the period of the late fifteenth century to the late eighteenth century, settlers from various European countries began to colonize the Americas. These colonists each held various goals in mind when settling the Western Hemisphere that affected how they interacted with those that already inhabited the Americas, leaving both positive and negative consequences. These goals, whether they were the search for great wealth or the implementation of Christianity, would forever change those that occupied the “New World.”
The Spanish had certain goals in mind when first settling the Americas that affected how they treated the Native Americans. Christopher Columbus, a Spanish explorer, was at first hired by Queen Isabella in order to find a route across the sea to Asia, for trading purposes. Asia held many riches that the Spaniards wished to acquire, but the quicker route to Asia was in Ottoman territory. Thus, Isabella hired Columbus to find her a sea route to Asia. Additionally, Isabella was striving to make sure Spain consisted of only devout Catholics at the time, while Christopher Columbus was also a deeply religious man. Thus, this influenced how the Spanish treated the first indigenous peoples they happened across, the Tainos, and their lack of a “proper religion.” Although Columbus had believed himself to land in India, he had actually happened upon a small Caribbean island. The residents of this island called themselves the Tainos, while Columbus called them Indians. Immediately, Columbus determined these inhabitants to be poor, both due to their lack of money and a decent religion; he believed them to be savage and uncivilized, and that their polytheism was disgraceful. Christopher Columbus then returned to Spain with the prom...

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... with the Native Americans through the fur trade and the Beaver Wars, unlike the English and the Spanish, due to this cooperation leading to the most profit.
From Columbus’ discovery in 1492 to the American Revolution in 1776, the Spanish, English, and French have each treated the Native Americans differently. The Spanish, with their need for gold, consistently exploited the indigenous peoples for their riches and their labor. The English mainly pushed out and murdered the Native Americans in order to take their land, land that was necessary for an English empire in the colonies to develop. The French, conversely, formed an interdependent economy with the natives that relied on furs, and supported the Hurons in The Beaver Wars against the Iroquois. To conclude, the separate goals held by the Spanish, English, and French greatly affected their treatment of the natives.

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