Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Artists Essay

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Artists Essay

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Christo had once said “The work of art is a scream of freedom.” Christo is a sculptor who had worked with his wife until her death in 2009. Christo had financed all of his projects himself. He had raised money by selling small paintings he had created. But his main works of art were giant wrappings of different things. His favorite wrappings were buildings or places seen everday by people. By wrapping these places he was giving them a new identity. Christo has undertaken many projects. One of the most well known was of the wrapping of the Reichstag in Berlin. They used thick woven polypropylene fabric with an aluminum surface which was 1,076,390 sq feet.
Also used 9.7 miles of rope. They only used recyclable materials as is the same for most other projects. For a period of two weeks the silvery fabric shaped by the blue ropes created a splendid flow of vertical folds highlighting the features and proportions of the imposing structure. Which revealed the essence of the Reichstag. The wrapping of the Reichstag was created by 90 professional climbers and 120 installation workers. Even with all the workers on this project it took 24 years to complete. Another project created by Christo is the Matsaba Project which is currently still under renovations. The matsaba is being created in a place called Abu Dhabi and it had started being worked on in 1977. When completed it will be the largest sculpture in the World.
The Matsaba istself is an ancient familiar shape to the people of that region. Christo is using over 410,000 multi colored barrels to form a mosaic of bright sparkling colors, and it echoes Islamic culture. The sculpture will be 492 feet hight 738 feet deep at a 60 degree angle and 984 wide at the vertical walls. On the top o...

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...texture which is a thing that Christo like to use in his creations . Christo had made almost hundreds of these paintings before he had met his wife Jeanne Claude.
Which he had met when her mother had hired him to do a portrait of he. Jeanne had thought of his paintings as “different” but she had learned to love them and helped him create much bigger ones in the future such as wrapping of the Reichstag. The reason that Christo said he liked to wrap bigger things was because lets say every day you walk past a certain park. You know where it is and that is there you sometimes even notice different people. But if asked to draw sai park you would not have any idea how to draw it in detail. So Christo wraps things in order to give them a new identity and let people try to remember how it looks and gives them a reason to try and look at everyday things you see in Detail.

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