Essay about The Christmas Spirit By Mary Ann And Uncle Joe 's House

Essay about The Christmas Spirit By Mary Ann And Uncle Joe 's House

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Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Joe’s house has become a staple in traditions since any of us can remember. Every year we would open presents from Santa Clause and anticipate the twelve-minute drive to their house two towns over. Dad’s sister made dinner—every other sibling was in charge of side dishes and desert. Six siblings often came in handy when it came to the holidays.
This year was different. The Christmas spirit was in full bloom as we anticipated it this year. I was eight—still young enough to believe in Santa, but acted twice my act to hangout with all of our older and cooler cousins. Allison was six—and sassy. No one would get in her way. She had jumped into the American Girl Doll and Polly Pocket phase with all she had. She was meticulous in every game she played with them. Andrew, who was a mature four, would play with her for a little while but cared more about baseball and Legos more than anything else in the world.
That was, until the Christmas of 2001. Mom was nine month pregnant with Matthew—who, at the time was a complete mystery. The mystery baby was the talk of Christmas that year. Mom, who glowed in a floor length cheetah print long sleeve dress, was large—bun was fully cooked big. But, somehow she smiled through the pain of her body’s five time adapted figure. The biggest problem—30 Connor’s agreeing on the sex of the almost brand new, and final, addition. Was it a boy? Was it a girl? No one knew; Mom and Dad wanted to keep it that way too.
Mom’s scheduled C-Section was just two days away and no one could be more excited than she was. Although she was handling this pregnancy like a pro, the anxieties of Joseph’s delivery weighed heavily in their decision on choosing a date to have this baby delivered on. Maki...

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... of us together, especially then, was a toss up. We were best friends one day, and then next day if you looked at someone the wrong way, all hell would break loose.
Andrew and I got into fights like wild animals. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I felt that I was entitled because I was the oldest. He, on the other hand, felt that he was just entitled. Anyone could see the conflict. This particular lazy weekend day was slightly different. Our jail cells across from each other in the living room turned into our corners of a wrestling ring. Eventually our games of wrestling turned into hide and seek, as every game back then turned into hide and seek. Andrew’s hiding spots varied from day to day—sometimes near the boiler down the basement, other times it was under Mom and Dads bed. This day was different; he experimented with the large two-door closet next to the front door.

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