Essay about Christmas Speech : Christmas Time

Essay about Christmas Speech : Christmas Time

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“Christmas, Christmas time is near. Time for toys and time for cheer.” Almost anyone can sing along to this Christmas Carol, but many can not relate to the lyrics. Christmas time is a joy for many, it is spent with their family opening presents. All around the world many children do not get to enjoy the luxury of Christmas presents around this holiday, and there are many in the community near you who do not have this privilege. The program that has been designed to be a help for communities all over the country is the Christmas Share outreach. The Christmas Share intentions are to convey love back to the community, give meaning towards the holiday, and to spread love towards others. The program will help spread the Christmas cheer by hosting a Christmas party and distributing the donated items to the children that are attending. The program is a non-profit organization that depends on the donations and love of the surrounding community. The Christmas Share program’s main goal is to will collect donations from the community, to package all the gifts for the children, and to host a Christmas party to spread the Christmas cheer with the community and kids.
The main aspect of the outreach is to provide Christmas presents to the less fortunate kids in the local elementary and middle school. The schools will provide the program with an estimate of how many children who will be involved in the program, and then give a certain amount of kids per age group. The children that will receive presents will be picked by the school administration, and the program will also be donating to foster children. The children from the school will be chosen based on many areas that can be deciphered by the program and the school. Depending on the locatio...

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...organizations, focuses on the importance of giving back to others. During the holiday seasons one needs to be reminded that not all can enjoy Christmas by opening presents or spending the day with family. The program that has been presented is directed towards having a positive impact on a community. The program’s main aspects are to unify a community, to help the children and families of a community, and to remind all to be thankful during the holidays. The organization was formed to focus on children and families in need, but as the program developed one can see that program will also benefit the people participating in it. Christmas Share is a community project that will touch the lives of children, adults, and families. The purpose of the project is not only provide a memorable Christmas for families in need, but a memorable Christmas for a community as a whole.

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