Christmas Greetings - Original Writing Essay

Christmas Greetings - Original Writing Essay

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We hope this Christmas greeting leaves you well and in good spirits. Our family had a really lovely summer. In May, Brett and I got a little get a way to the Florida Keys. Then in July, we went to my Dad and Mom’s family reunion in California. And believe it or not, I got Brett to go with us. We had a wonderful trip and it was nice to spend the time together. The next family reunion is in Las Vegas, and we going to try to be there.

We have a new addition to the family zoo. Mr. Lucky Star AKA Pinky Brown (has pink eyelids and mouth). When Brett went to Grand Junction to check on his dad, Lucky (a brown lab) was running down the street. Lucky was well fed and had recently groomed. Brett contacted the local groomers, put up flyers, and reported him to the local animal shelter. Brett brought him home for us to foster for thirty days, but no one claimed him, so he’s now our Lucky Star. I was concerned because Rolly has always been a handful to deal with, but Rolly really mellowed out when Lucky came to live with us. We still have our kitty, Mystique, and she keeps both boys ...

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