Essay about Christmas Eve - Original Writing

Essay about Christmas Eve - Original Writing

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Christmas Eve! Yay! I jumped out of my bed at 5:00 A.M., eating, going around the christmas tree, watching christmas shows, eating cookies, and eating the gingerbread house. When everybody in my house woke up at 12:00 P.M. I started to sing, put on christmas songs to full voice, screaming all around what I want for Christmas tomorrow. I am always super active, I already put their billions of presents from me under the tree. I made sure all the decorations are awesome, I have my own tree in my room for Christmas , hat, clothing , I was fully in Christmas Mode and nothing could bring me down.

Sadly, yesterday my karaoke machine broke apart when it “accidentally” fell down of the table. When it turned to 4:00 P.M. my brothers and parents went out to buy a new karaoke machine. I was all alone in a house on Christmas Eve! Stuffing my mouth with treats I ran upstairs, when I hear a knock on the top of the roof.The attic, I never been there.

Maybe I should go up there, quickly I took my chair from my room and started to reach for the latch on the attic. When it opened stairs came out and I went up. There was a few little cars/busses, light bulbs, cameras, calculators, headphones all not important stuff but in the middle of the room there was a big gray box with a door on it. My cat then came up with me. I started to go close to it and then I opened the door. There was a ghostly figure in the middle and he spoke out” Right on time, now let 's play with time, my name is well, Time.”

Then I said” What do you mean play with time?”

Time then spoke again” You are being very spoiled and it is Christmas Eve, you are telling me you weren 't suspecting a Christmas ghost?”Spoiled! I am not spoiled not even one bit. Before I could say anyth...

... middle of paper ...

...e ground and people. Now let 's go there” Now the machine was shaking all around. Then when it stopped Time got me on my feet and we went outside. It was so beautiful, their were flying cars everywhere and flying houses.

Time then said” It gets better you know your younger brother, Terry Zukowski in 2058 made the teleporters,well they only teleport to stores, most of them anyways.Transportation easy, get to see family easier, it 's basically easy to get to any place. People actually say you made it but actually all you told your younger brother is why can’t you be like your older brother and that made your younger brother start to work.”

I said happily” they get to do something yay, but what about me?”

Time then spoke” I left the best for last. Come on.”

We ran to the time machine and he started to speak again. “ It is 2031, in a hospital, cancer still horrible

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