Christmas and Love in the Air Essay

Christmas and Love in the Air Essay

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Who can argue about Christmas not being the best time of the year? Yes, Christmas triggers strong emotions which many cannot ignore. From emotion of love to the emotion of pity; Christmas never fails to bring it out. Christmas is the magic that everyone believes in. From little children who stay up in the wee night of Christmas Eve to hear Santa’s sleigh to adults whose hopes and dreams were once shattered are restored. Even though it is rather difficult to argue about Christmas, there are actually some people out there who dare to bacon the call.
With the love in the air, Christmas highlights love with red and green wrapping paper. Valentines is not the day of love, it is the day of lust. Christmas is the day and the season of love. With every mistletoe hung where everyone can see encourages every couple try to stop. Who can resist the temptation of kissing their soulmates? Exactly, everybody with a body and a lover will never be able to resist. Some say that the mistletoe contains the unexplained powers of making couples to kissy kissy boo boo. Perhaps romance is not the only love that flickers an apple cinnamon candle; family love is more and so a furnace fire which burns deeply within each soul. Family is the most important group of people in a person’s life. The love that family members have for each other is a brighter and hotter fire than any romance candle. Christmas makes everyone evaluate their own heart, as a result; people receive excitement when they realize just how much they love and how much they are loved. The Christmas story about baby Jesus inspires more people to love others on this special day. Who can ignore the story of God giving His only baby boy to the sinners of the world to die for them, all out of...

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...ions and goals in life. Maybe a human does not have the Christmas magic. A toy which an adult had when he/she was younger could flicker a small light of hope inside. A special Christmas toy usually holds a special memory of the adult’s past. That memory usually unlocks a door which leads to comfort, joy, hope and the ability to dream. Believe it or not a Christmas toy from the past is a common way to unlock the excitement of Christmas in an adult’s heart.
Christmas triggers many strong emotions. Christmas triggers the emotions of love, hope, joy, pity, excitement, freedom to dream, and so on. Shatter hope and dreams are restored on this special day. No one will fully be able to explain the magic of the mistletoe. No one can agree on the answer of who contains the magic of Christmas. One thing is for sure, the spirit of Christmas lives within the heart of a child

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