Christians And The Natural World Essay

Christians And The Natural World Essay

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Many Christians today do not see the intrinsic worth of the natural world around them. While there may be people who are very concerned about the wellbeing of our earth, many Christians do not concern themselves with our natural world. However, because of Christianity’s belief in a Creator God, all Christians should care about the Earth. “A major element of the good news to which Christians bear witness is that they themselves are profoundly loved by the Creator of heaven and earth, a God of steadfast mercy and kindness. Turning attention to the natural world they can see that it is cherished by the same inexhaustible love.” God’s creation calls forth respect from humanity because it is a representation of the goodness of God.
Christianity is meant to include all of creation and not just humanity. Therefore, as God loves all of creation, Christians are called to love the Earth God has created. “…Ecological conversion means falling in love with the Earth as an inherently valuable, living community in which we participate, and bending every effort to be creatively faithful to its well-being, in tune with the living God who brought it into being and cherishes it with unconditional love.” Being created in God’s image, we Christians are called acknowledge creation’s value and to love it as God loves and cherishes his creation. We are to live in community with all of creation rather than acting as if we have dominion over God’s creation.
“In a felicitous development, biblical scholars in our day have discovered that the paradigm of dominion is not the only nor even the main view proposed by the Bible. More common is the paradigm of the community of creation, based on the understanding that humans and other living beings, for all ...

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...ity, but I believe that these aspects discussed above would greatly strengthen her argument. Focusing on the core aspects of Christianity, such as the Trinity and the cross, expose God’s love and compassion for all of creation. While Hobgood-Oster presents many arguments regarding Christian Saints and problems with our current society regarding how we treat our furry companions, I believe she misses out on an argument that Elizabeth Johnson fleshes out well in her book Ask the Beasts regarding the God of Christianity. Hobgood-Oster should add this chapter discussing creation being a part of Christianity after her discussion on how Christianity has become more human focused within chapter five. I believe this argument would significantly strengthen Hobgood-Oster’s case, and provide a better understanding as to why Christians should show concern for all living beings.

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