Essay on Christians And Muslims : Religion

Essay on Christians And Muslims : Religion

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Christians and Muslims
Religion is one of the oldest and most sacred things in history. It was passed down for generations both orally and in writing. Religion started off as a very simple belief in an afterlife. Over time it became more complex and began to include deities and rituals. Each area of the world developed its own beliefs and practices, but two religions that are very similar and yet vastly different are Islam and Christianity. These two religions are the biggest religions in the world with a combined total of approximately 3.4 billion followers. Their similarities and differences can be seen in how their religious books were put together and their beliefs and practices.
The word Muslim means to submit to God. Muslims are people who submit to God and follow his divinely revealed laws. God’s laws are written the religious book of the Muslims called the Quran. The Quran is believed to be the word of God directly written down without tampering from Humans. One difference that puts Muslims aside from Christians is the fact about preciseness of the religious books. The Muslims believe that the bible has much incorrect information because it was passed down orally for a while. This way of communication corrupted the bible and led to incorrect information.
Mohammad himself could not read or write so he did not compose the written part of the Quran. Mohammad spoke the verses to scribes who wrote down what he said and then the scribes would repeat the verses to Mohammad who would check for mistakes. Upon the death of Mohammad the Quran was complete. However, the Quran was not in a form of a book because different people possessed different parts of the Quran. The successor of Mohammad, Abu Bakr, ordered for the compilatio...

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... could read. As a result, the stories of the bible were often drawn or painted. The Christian Churches are filled with pictures of the life of Jesus. There is no prophet or person in the Christian religion that a person cannot depict due to religious rules. The Muslim mosques are also covered with beautiful and awe inspiring art. The mosques are drenched with beautiful patters and works of architecture along with Arabic writings.
The Muslim and Christian religions are two religions that have provided billions of people with comfort for thousands of years. People all of the world accept these religions and submit to them. These two religions have had many wars and battles over their different beliefs. As much as these religions are different they are the same as well. These similarities and differences can be seen in their religious books, beliefs and practices.

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