Christianity vs Free Will Essay

Christianity vs Free Will Essay

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The Private Christian School I attended, from the 6th to the 12th grade, required its students to take a Bible classes as part of the school’s curriculum. Every morning, my fist class was Bible studies, and every morning, after settling in, we had an opening prayer. Each class closed with a prayer as well. Prayer was a must in Bible studies class, although praying aloud was voluntary.
I never had much interest in offering public prayers. I always thought prayers were the private business between God and me. One morning during my Bible class in my 9th grade year, the teacher, Mr. Cruz, asked me to offer the opening prayer. I politely refused. He had asked me several times before, but I would always refuse politely. Not only did I feel uncomfortable with public praying, I knew I had “free will.” I had a choice whether I wanted to pray in publicly or not. The teacher proceeded to tell me; “I’ll asked you to offer the prayer again at the end of class for closing prayer. If you don’t, I’ll give you an F for to-day’s class.” “Yes Sir,” was my response. Little did he know, I wasn’t about to change my mind.
The end of the class came and all my classmates were waiting for the moment when the teacher would ask me to pray. You have to understand, I was a 4.0 student in all my classes, and an F would be like the end of the world for me. The teacher asked, and I politely refused. Needless to say he gave me an F in the class for that day. I left the classroom with my head held high, as far as I understood, I had I choice. I had “free will.” No one had the right to force me to pray, worship, read the scriptures or do any other religious related acts. Shouldn’t I be able to ex-press my “free will”?
Prayer is man’s way to communicate with...

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... war with each other because of their religious dif-ferences (Young 243¬), each trying to defame the others. Even in modern times Christianity has been forced into man’s consciousness. I remember watching the news while Jim Jones threatened to kill himself and all his church members (some by force) in the name of God and Christian-ity. Was this truly an act of “free will” or was it brain-washing?
Is Christianity’s frivolity and lack of acknowledge-ment of “free will” turning humanity against it and other monotheistic religions? God, in Christianity, is omnipo-tent, omniscient, and omnipresent. This means, He knows it all, sees it all, before it happens, and is present every-where at all times at the same time. I exercised my “free will” that day in 9th grade. But, if God was there, knew, and saw it before it even happened; do I truly have “free will”?

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