Christianity : Saints Or Sinners When It? Essay

Christianity : Saints Or Sinners When It? Essay

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Christianity: saints or sinners when it comes to women’s rights?
Christian views of women have changed over the course of centuries. Christians recognize that Jesus ' ministry was marked by an extraordinary respect for and inclusion of women, yet many Church leaders have relegated them to second-class status (Davies-Stofka, 2008).” These debates over gender equality have continued to the present. Many feel that the Catholic Church is sexist that is why I am going to be discussing the rights that women have today and how there are viewed within Christianity.
The basis for decision-making in Christianity is the Bible and God. Everything that a Christian needs help with God is the one who can lead them in the right direction. Also the Bible offers many principles to aid the process of making decisions that honor God. This religion is based on certain religious laws such as the Roman Catholic Canon Law and on norms or rules in which we are supposed to respect regardless of our own value. “The Roman Catholic Canon law, like every legal system, is concerned primarily with protecting the smooth order of the society that it serves. Canon law touches, to one degree or another, practically every aspect of Church life. Contrary perhaps to popular impression; the operation of canon law is almost always limited to matters which concern the external conduct of Church members (Peters, 1991).” Norms are something that Catholics also based their decision-making. Christians are expected to do the right thing always. By following these norms they are basically showing their love for God and their respect for their faith.
The true intent of the Catholic religion is to worship God and live by the teachings in the Bible and follow in Jesus’ footsteps. ...

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