Essay on Christianity, Religion, Or Islam?

Essay on Christianity, Religion, Or Islam?

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During the past years, there has always been a debate between the people who follow religion and the people who deny the existence of God. Specifically, people who argue that religion is the right path to follow and believe in only one God call themselves monotheists; for example, the people who follow Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. On the other hand, atheism is defined as “an attitude of skepticism towards claims of the existence of any sort of God or gods” (Cooke 1). In other words, people who relied so much on science and were looking for a proof for everything, including the existing of God call themselves atheists. Most people would agree that religion has been around for more than two thousand years and the monotheistic ones all believe that there is only one God, the creator of man, animals, and the whole universe. They would also agree that religion is defined as a set of beliefs, values, and cultural systems that influence and help humans to become better individuals in order to live a better life. People throughout history used to have a lot of different opinions about religion and its values and beliefs. However, it’s very important to point out that now religion became very important to people all over the world to the point that it has made a very big impact on the decisions that people make every day. Therefore, some people have gone as far as giving up their lives for their religion. And others decided to form their countries and set its laws based on religion. As a consequence, countries started going into wars, fighting over land and resources, but at the same time misleading their people and forcing them to fight wars claiming that it’s because of the religious differences. These wars resulted in the creation o...

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...spiration to go to heaven. People also need to understand that as long as humans feel those needs, the idea of a monotheistic religion will remain strong. It is a very natural part of being alive for humans to experience and feel sorrow, death, and suffering. However, Religion is a very nice tool to have when people are healing unseen cuts to the soul. Religion gives people a meaning to their lives. “Religion makes us want to live” (Thomas 1). Thomas also discusses an idea in his article taking from Viktor Frankl’s research in the Nazi death camp “It was not the youngest, strongest or even smartest inmates who tended to survive. It was those who had found meaning in their lives. People, it turns out, need a reason to live.” (1). Some people like to think about religion and how powerful it could be connecting people together to fix a problem or to help someone in need.

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