Essay about Christianity, Judaism, And Islam

Essay about Christianity, Judaism, And Islam

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Christianity, Judaism and Islam serve to be three of the most prominent religions practiced and studied within the contemporary generation today. Moreover, each religion is classified by its own individuality and traditions, however similarities are present between the three leading them to reach a central locus within the subject of religion. For example, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are a derivation of “Abrahamic Traditions” as each religion holds a significant connection to the patriarchal ancestor, Abraham (Molloy 2013). Furthermore, each of the three religions are defined as monotheistic (Molloy 2013) as their beliefs reside under the guidance of one God who is viewed as omniscient and omnipotent (Molloy 2013) leading to similarities that bring each religion together as they all worship the same God (Molloy 2013). Nevertheless, each religion within the realm of Abrahamic Traditions is characterized by differences on an individual basis. For instance, Abraham serves to be a significant figure within Judaism as known to be the first Patriarch of Judaism, recognized through his pilgrimage to the land of Canaan, which is seen as a highly momentous event within Judaism (Molloy 2013). In addition, the Jewish sacred text is known as the Hebrew Bible, which is trisected into the Torah, Nevi’im and Ketuvim (Molloy 2013). Yet, the Torah is seen as the essential section within the Hebrew Bible as it is composed of the stories of significant patriarchs as well as the laws and religious rituals that drive multiple aspects of Judaism (Molloy 2013). Further, the Hebrew Bible is referred to as the Old Testament according to the Christians as the Hebrew Bible is viewed to be equivalent in nature to the New Testament (Molloy 2013). Additio...

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... their understanding to Abraham; the patriarchal figure within Judaism (Molloy 2013) leading to the understanding of how each religion is derived from the other. In fact, Christianity and Islam share the same ideologies concerning the body, soul, resurrection and the final judgment (Molloy 2013). In addition, each religion believes in the concept of angels and devils that drive the human conscious and force (Molloy 2013) defining another concept where each of these religions diverge. The term “Abrahamic Traditions” serves to be essential in understanding the importance of each of these religions. As from a theological perspective each religion has a prominent relevance acquired from the other within the domain of religions leading to understand how each religion is significant on its own as well as how these three religions diverge and connect in the same direction.

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