Christianity, Islam, And Buddhism Essay

Christianity, Islam, And Buddhism Essay

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Religion, also known as accepted schizophrenia, is a major part of societies across the globe and has played an enormous role in the history of humanity. Unfortunately, there is not just one religion. Due to the fact that religion exists off of mere belief and no evidence, there are many religions. Religions range from being massively accepted by billions across the globe to religions that are only there to satirize religion. Major religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism have an enormous influence on the world. Although these religions have common underlying aspects, there are major differences, including similarities, between their histories, beliefs, and the ways in which they are practiced, to give the religions their own unique identity.
To begin with, Christianity, which consists of around a third of the world’s population, is the largest religion out there. Christians believe in one God. They also believe in a person named Jesus Christ, the son of God, and that he was sent to save them from death and sin. Another belief is The Trinity, which consists of God, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christians believe in life after death or what they call Heaven.The history of christianity is based on a book known as the Bible claimed to be written by the Christian God through different prophets. If so, he should have stayed around a bit longer to find his book become an international bestseller, not even getting old after a couple thousand years. Becoming a billionaire writing a book isn’t an easy thing to do, and probably would have been one of “God’s” more astonishing accomplishments. A major part in the history of Christianity is around the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At age 30, the son of God began teach...

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...e religions is where they originated. Although this might seem like an obvious difference and not important, it’s most likely the cause of the differences among these religions.
In conclusion, the basic aspects and goals of the teachings in these three religions share common attributes, while the differences show up in the specific ways of following these religions, and are based on the cultures in which they originated from. The teaching of these religions and most others try to provide people with ways of living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Controversy arises when it comes to more specific, subtle differences, and interpretations of religion. For people that search a deeper meaning from life and need some sort of guidance, religion can definitely help. However, it is important to avoid conflict between religions over simple disagreements and differences.

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