Christianity Is Religion Based On The Person And Teachings Essay

Christianity Is Religion Based On The Person And Teachings Essay

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Christianity is religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the savior of humanity whose coming as Christ or the Messiah was prophesied in the Old Testament. I decided to take my curiosity to Christian Pentecostal church located back in my city. My curiosity led towards a pentecostal church because my best friend belongs to a pentecostal. You hear all these interesting things about christians about how they feel the holy spirit, they speak in tongues, and how miracles come true. Therefore I decided to attend a church and stay for its service. I visited a Christian Pentecostal place of worship located in North Bergen, New Jersey that goes by the name of Gospel Tabernacle Assembly-God.
When I first set foot into the church I was greeted with such grace and love; you can see the happiness that some of these christians live in with just their smile. I was handed a flier with the scheduled times for the worship, preaching, offering, and closing. They started off their service with worship. They have members from the church playing instruments, singing, dancing, and waving flags. For this being my first time a church I was pretty shock on how good someone could feel because of all the great vibes christian give off. The singing and instrument playing was outstanding, it almost felt as if I was at a live concert. Every single singer up on stage put all their soul into singing because they aren 't singing for anyone, they 're singing for their savior stated the pastor after the worship ended. The dancing occurred during some of the songs. The dancing was spectacular they had flags and tambourines in their hands as they danced. The danc...

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...because he’s the rock of his disciples. The second photograph I took is a sculpture of Jesus and his mother Mary. They both seem to be sad because Jesus is about to experience his death on a crucifix. Lastly, Is a photo I took of a painting called The Crucifixion with Saints and Donors. This photograph shows Jesus already nailed to the cross surrounded by what is says to be saints and donors.
My experience to these places was a pretty great experience. Everyone at church was so kind to me and treated me as if they knew me for years. The sermon was great because you can relate to the message so much. The youth group is a great place for high school students to attend because the message that are given is spoken and explained at their grade level. Lastly, the museum was a great place to look for amazing works of art made by artists inspired by the Christian religion.

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