Essay about Christianity in Medieval Europe

Essay about Christianity in Medieval Europe

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A Major shift in religion was seen in the beginning of the middle ages. The early fourth century saw a huge shift in religious views to Christianity which also changed government thinking and many other ideas (Vallee). This shift would have an impact on the course of the middle ages and the rest of eternity. Starting in the eighth century many conquest arose to push Christianity arose. Christianity had an elaborate undermining in the sculpting of medieval Europe through its role in government, construction of religious buildings and devastating crusades.
Community ideas, zeal and rivalry where things that pushed Christians to build extensively around their faith. People in the middle ages where often divided and needed organization. Christianity gave people a connection and allowed them to come together and meet like a social event (Medieval World). Christianity in the middle ages was like a large community organization. In order for the many Catholics; living amongst theocracy in the middle ages to be able to meet, they needed buildings and churches to house religious and community events. “Because of the rise of western Christian Europe which became apparent around the year 1000. The great wage of building certainly made a major contribution to the advancement of medieval western Europe"(Le Geoff). These buildings where very crucial to Christian organization and community life. The enormity of construction taking place in the late middle ages was almost bad for the land. Christian society was like a land clearing movement in the tenth to fourteenth century to make room for cathedrals and communities. (Le Geoff) In to the late middle ages lands where cleared up and cities built close to what we know Europe today. All this ...

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...ce for the development of Medieval Europe which was influenced by a controlling rule. The rule of Christianity would extended feudal ideas, and caused destructive holy wars in order to gain more money and power for the christian faith. Christianity overall was not a good thing it caused growth but it was only growth of corruption.

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