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Christianity : Christianity And Christianity Essay

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The world we live in is revolved around the beliefs and religions that individuals practice. Millions of people worship their idea of who God is to them, Christianity and Catholicism are the world’s biggest religions in today’s society with millions of followers who give their life for God. Both Christianity and Catholicism share the same beliefs and traditions, although Catholicism derived from Christianity both religions have their own differences which separates them from being alike.
Christianity is mainly founded on the life, death, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christianity was developed from Judaism during the 1st century, it has several different branches and forms which accompany different beliefs and practices. Christianity was founded in Palestine, during the initial decades of the Roman Empire. While it is believed that Christianity was created by god, the early stages of Christianity mainly focused on the cleansing of Jewish religion of arrogant leaders and stiff rituals. Those who converted into Christianity were Jewish by birth, but their belief that Christ was superior was viewed negatively amongst other Jews, in some cases people were stoned to death for converting to Christianity. Over the course of 250 years, Christianity grew rapidly with over 10 percent of the Roman Empire population being Christians. Christianity was greatly appealed by the poor, city dwellers and slaves found hope in Christianity which promised some rewards after death. Today, there is approximately 2.2 billion Christians in the world, making Christianity the world’s largest religion. Christianity is the majority religion of The Americas and Europe, and Christian churches can be found in almost every nation of the world. Thou...

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...omes, Catholics have a more formal service with the church being the majority part of the Catholic mass. When it comes down to confessing your sins, Catholics confess their sins to a priest where they must sit down and have a face to face conversation with the priest and confess all of the sins that they have committed in order for them to be forgiven by God, Christianity does not require having to confess to a priest instead all they must do is confess to god and all of their sins will be forgiven.
With Christianity and Catholicism being the largest religions in the world, it is safe to say that their communities share a close bond with each other. Although some people believe that both Christianity and Catholicism are the same religions, we can determine that through their history, beliefs, and traditions both religions have their own concepts of their religion.

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