Christianity, Buddhism And The Islamic View Essay

Christianity, Buddhism And The Islamic View Essay

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In a world as diverse as the one we are in now, we can only wonder what is the true start of the world or the start of humanity. There are many different views on how the world came to be with the diversity of religion in the world, but as some are different others are alike. There are three points of view which will be spoken of in this paper which are the points of view from Christianity, Buddhism and also the Islamic view.

Buddhist have many thoughts on how this world came to be. In total the Buddhist have three houses that view creation in different ways. In an article called The Origin of The World on the web page Budsas it states “The first school of thought claims that this world came into existence by nature and that nature is not an intelligent force”. In the first house nature came to be on its own. In this world nature built itself unknowingly and evolved to what it is to now.

The second house is different that the first. In the second house it states “The second school of thought says that the world was created by an almighty God who is responsible for everything”. Unlike the first house this house believes that there is an almighty god that created everything. Just as in other religions this view can relate to creation.
In the third house just as the previous houses is different. In the third house it states “The third school of thought says that the beginning of this world and of life is inconceivable since they have neither beginning nor end”. In this house it means that the world has always existed. There was never a start and nor will there be an end to the world. In this view the world is on a ongoing cycle that is unending.

In the views Christianity it is said that all was created in seven days...

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... and it was created by God and also there is eventually an end to earth.
For all we know the world could have been created in a different way, but this is a question that may remain unanswered for as long as we live. From the Buddhist point of view they have three different views on how the world came to be unlike in the Islamic and also the Christian point of views. In the Christian and Islamic point of view they are similar and also different in many ways. They both believe that there was a god that created the earth, just as in the second view from the Buddhist point of view. What is the true reason of how all came to be on earth? This is a question that may remain unanswered, but there are several thoughts from several religions on how the world came to be, similar or different these thoughts are what we believe to be the reasons for the existence of the earth.

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