Christianity, Buddhism, And Confucianism Essay

Christianity, Buddhism, And Confucianism Essay

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There is an exceptional amount of religions in the world that have contrasting and varied ideals and concepts. However, there are some common traits that the religions of differing ideologies, as in western and eastern thinking, share. One of those traits that can be found in almost every religion is a trait that people choose to call “The Golden Rule”. The basic concept of the Golden Rule is that you should treat others in the same fashion that you would want them to treat you. Even though it is a more moral and ethical aspect, it is still prominent in very spiritual religions. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism all have their own ways of portraying the message of the Golden Rule. Islam is often a misunderstood religion by our society because of unnecessary hate and ignorance towards the culture. Ignorant individuals associate violence with Islam when on the contrary, it is the opposite. Confucianism has the believe that humans are naturally good. If people are considered to be naturally good, then the idea of the Golden Rule is natural because in the eyes of Confucianism those two people would treat each other with fairness and kindness. The path that the Buddha taught was a religious path. His teachings focused on the betterment of yourself and your life. In the mind of the Buddha to better yourself you must be able to empathize with others which is the Golden Rule. Their is a passage about the goodness of human nature in Confucianism. The excerpt from, Mencius 6.1.1-4,6, talks about the conflicting views that Mengzi and Gaozi have on human nature. whether humans are born naturally good with outside forces making them evil or naturally evil with the need of outside forces to help them become good. Gaozi thinks th...

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...n the side of ethics and morality that some may even consider Confucianism to not be a religion. Regardless of those who would consider Confucianism to not be a religion, the idea that you should not treat others the way that you would not want them to treat you, is important in Confucianism. You cannot ascend to a higher state of human being, which is one of the goals of Confucianism, without practicing the Golden Rule.
The four religions of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism may have opposite views on the world, but they all share the same common idea that you should treat others the same way that you would want to be treated. This saying or rule is aimed to inspire their followers to become better people. Regardless of any religion you associate or dissociate with, the golden rule is fundamental in creating a better world with evil lessening every day.

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