Christianity And The Scientific Revolution Essay

Christianity And The Scientific Revolution Essay

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Christianity and The Scientific Revolution:
The Big Bang of Christianity

The Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution had a large impact on Christianity and the development of society. Although the Christian worldview may have prompted the seeking of knowledge which led to the Scientific Revolution, many discoveries and ideas from scientists over time changed the way people thought about the world around them. Early scientists, with Christian worldviews only sought to further their knowledge of the world. They viewed nature and their discoveries about the natural world through a biblical viewpoint, that God created everything and science was a way to unlock the mysteries of God’s creation. Over time, human reason overtook the need for the belief in God. Unless something could be scientifically proven, it became less credible. Christianity relies on belief in the Bible and on faith, this went against the new world view that was created. Therefore Christianity with the growth of society was affected greatly by the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.
Isaac Newton was one man who had impacted the Enlightenment, Scientific Revolution and the growth of Christianity. Many Christians, Scientists, and even nonb these days believe that science and Christianity don’t connect, this was because of the Scientific Revolution. In the beginning of the revolution and before, however, there were many people who were very religious but they still used the ways of science to find answers and discoveries. Newton was one of these people. Newton is and was well known for all of his discoveries in the field of science, but what many people do not know is that he actually studied religion as much as he studied science. In fact...

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...e society of the past but on the society of today, too.
Throughout history, there have been many impactful actions that have led to the change and discovery of many new ideas. Christianity is one of these things that were greatly impacted. Because of the Scientific Revolution, with the Enlightenment, society and Christianity were tested, changed, and dismantled on a daily basis by the mathematicians, philosophers and scientists of the age. Each of the men discovered and brought ideas that could alter how society was run each day. Between Newton, Galilei, Copernicus, Kepler, and Descartes, they tested the limits of knowledge and brought forth many new ideas as a result of their seek for a broader understanding. Of these men and because of the overall scientific revolution and the enlightenment, Christianity and society were greatly impacted and altered.

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