Christianity And The Modern World Essay

Christianity And The Modern World Essay

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Christianity can maintain relevance in the modern world through prayer. As Christians, we forget how powerful we are. The Lord has given us power and dominion over all creation; there is power in the tongue. Even though, we may feel like majority of the world is out of touch with God, it does not mean that we stop believing that God can change things. Some Christians have lost touch with Jesus Christ. Other individuals have never had an experience with Him, nor do they care to have an experience with Him. It is time for Christians to rise up, and take back what we have allowed the devil to steal from us, in this instance, we are fighting that the Christian faith does not die in modern times. A revival needs to take place in all of the Church’s around the world, and allow The Holy Spirit to stir up the waters (The Holy Spirit charging the atmosphere), that even an atheist can become a believer. As a body of believers, we must remember quitting is not an option, because Jesus died for us, the war has already been won. This paper will discuss how Christians can still capture the attention of unbelievers, the Church’s relevance in society today, and overcoming the challenges of the modern world through prayer, meditation, and revivals.
As Christians, in order to capture the attention of the unbelievers, we must live righteous. We should reflect the image of God in the way we speak, and in our actions. The world is changing day by day, and in order to bring more disciples to Christ, we have to be in alignment with Christ. At all times, people should be able to see Jesus Christ in us, a mirror reflection of God. Curtis tells a story, of four blind men and an elephant. Each man had a different perception of what they perceiv...

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...One anthropologist notes during a revival in 1977, the Holy Spirit fell upon 390 Urapmin, from Papua New Guinea and they were converted to Christianity. One citizen recalled only knowing the religion of their ancestors, but ever since the conversion everything has changed (Robbins, 2007, 11). My point is that no matter the culture, era, or earthly turmoil we experience, that at any given time the Lord can rain down His Spirit and can change a whole generation.
In conclusion, there are multiple avenues that can be traveled to keep Christianity relevant in the modern world, through our faith, prayer, meditation, worshipping, and revivals. We will be heard, but we need to be patient. Furthermore, we should focus on the progress we are making, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up (Galatians 6:9).”

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