Christianity And Its Impact On The World Of The 20th Century Essay

Christianity And Its Impact On The World Of The 20th Century Essay

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While all religions share similarities and, at times, an almost identical message, this does not devalue the sanctity of an individual belief, experience, or essence that the faiths espouse. For instance, while Buddhism and Christianity both believe their followers should be less contingent on their worldly possessions, it doesn’t make it any less reliable, or sacred that both religions believe so. The fact that both religions share the same belief should draw attention to the things that are being said, thus making the subject of the message have more significance to the reader.
The result of having a few religions with similar beliefs can lead to a mindset of “normal” values and, as a consequence, lesser known religions have their views and values looked as not “normal” or even perhaps less true. For example, Christian support of contraception is moderately new. Most churches disliked the use of contraception until around the start of the 20th century. In recent times different Christian churches hold special views about the appropriateness of using birth control, but most Liberal Protestant churches frequently teach that it is suitable to use birth control, just as long as it is not used to encourage or permit promiscuous behavior. Buddhist approaches to contraception are based on the idea that it is wrong to kill for any reason. Although Buddha 's teachings do not attack non-reproductive sexual activity, they do object to the pursuit of craving, which indicates that Buddhists seeking enlightenment should not use birth control in order to achieve sexual pleasure.
While most religions can find something to conflict on, something is understood to be a corrupt thing in all religions, evil. In Islam there is no concept s...

... middle of paper ... omnipotent presence beyond the universe, which created and controls the universe. In Taoism the universe comes from the Tao, and the Tao objectively guides things along their way. Although, Tao itself is not God, nor do Taoists worship it, Tao is a sacred thing, held dear by those that consider themselves Taoists.
While all religions may not share the same idea of God or the monotheistic ideas, they all have something to look to when the way gets dark and the road gets a little too hard to travel alone. They may not all have sin, but they have a sense of wrongdoing and a teaching on avoiding that. They may not all have heaven but there is a goal and hope for something better to achieve at the end of their lifetime. While all of these similarities hope to create a better life for everyone, its all of their differences that creates the separation from one another.

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