Essay about Christianity And Its Impact On Christianity

Essay about Christianity And Its Impact On Christianity

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Throughout history, Christianity has been molded, hardened, melted, refined and shaped into the different sects that are witnessed today. While many different controversies and thinkers have influenced Christianity, Gnosticism contains the supreme importance in influencing Christianity. The Gnostic Conflict influenced church history into the culture it is today by spurring much of the intellectual foundations of faith by making claims in the subordinationism of the trinity and the incarnation of Christ, as well as producing some of the first sects in Christianity through Marion. By claiming that there are lesser and higher divinities in the universe, this set the tone for much of the arguments made for subordinationism in the upcoming centuries. The claim for Jesus’ pure divinity additionally sparks much of the controversies concerning His Incarnation. Finally, by propelling Marcion to separate from the church and create his own belief system, this deepens the division in Christianity and sets the tone for the many sects that are seen today. Gnosticism was the spark needed to spur the difficult questions concerning the truth about the nature of God and the divinity of Christ and much of what is Christianity today would not be so without the Gnostic controversy.
Gnosticism, stemming from the Latin Word Gnosis which means “knowledge”, is the belief in the First Principle, which produces emanations that become more and more corrupt, eventually producing an emanation called Sophia. Sophia produces Yahweh, who then creates matter and in turn creates humanity through Adam. This world, however is extremely corrupt due to the nature of Yahweh, a lesser god that has emanated from the First Principle, and due to its creation through matter,...

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...hristianity that is seen today.
The Gnostic Conflict influenced church history into the culture it is today through spurring much of the intellectual foundations of faith, making claims in the subordinationism of the trinity and the incarnation of Christ, as well as producing some of the first sects in Christianity through Marion. The Gnostic controversy was the necessary opposition to Christian thought throughout early Christianity. The anti-traditional thought that ran through the Gnostics would eventually cause many of the difficult questions in Christianity to be brought to light, allowing major change within the religion both logically and systemically. Without the Gnostic conflict, the ideas brought on through Apollinaris and Arius would have taken hundreds of years to develop and would then be more difficult to accept as the time of Jesus because more distant.

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