Christianity And All Of Its Components Essay

Christianity And All Of Its Components Essay

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Christianity and All of its Components
Have you ever wondered what makes up other religions? I personally never realized how many different things actually are a part of what a religion believes and why. Some of these things could include their beliefs in general, the holy sites involved, where and whom they worship, specific holidays, as well as different pieces of clothing and artifacts that help them symbolize their religion, and even those aren’t everything that goes into a religion. I was never actually baptized in a religion, but my mom always told me to just believe what the Christians believe, which never narrowed it down because there are so many different forms of Christianity, so it got very confusing. I grew up never really knowing what religion I wanted to be a part of, but I also knew that I wanted to learn more, which is what this activity allowed me to do. In this paper I will touch on the main core beliefs, holidays and festivals, holy texts, places of worship as well as what or who exactly is being worshiped, the commonness of this religion, different artifacts and clothes, and the different holy lands associated with the Christian religion.
To start off, “Christianity is the largest religion in the world with over two billion followers, 42 million people in Britain describe themselves as Christian, and of those there are 6 million who are actively practicing”(Christianity). I have a lot of friends who practice Christianity, but I never knew how popular this religion actually was. Christianity being one of the more popular religions makes it really easy for people to “practice” this religion without even knowing what exactly they are supposed to believe in. Obviously 42 million people practicing this specific r...

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...ever, I can say that after doing this research I truly believe in a lot of the same stuff that Christians do, so this project may have in fact helped me decide as a person what I want to practice and believe in.

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