Christianity : A Wide Range Of Obstacles Essay

Christianity : A Wide Range Of Obstacles Essay

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Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, and Research
Today, Christianity faces a wide range of obstacles, from differing forms of worship, to radical shifts in theological understanding. In this confusion, contemporary followers of Christ might find themselves confused as to how they should live out their faith. Questions regarding the authority of the Bible, or how a person can have a relationship with God, can cause believers to question many of the truths they have been taught throughout their lives. This confusion gives rise to a fresh look at biblical exegesis and its relationship to orthodoxy, and orthopraxy. With the rise of contemporary thinking within the church, researchers can look at this dynamic, with the hopes of producing useful results to answer these questions. In order for researchers to assure accuracy in interpreting their results, they must consider the relationship of orthodoxy and orthopraxy with biblical exegesis, contemplate diminishing their personal biases concerning orthodoxy and orthopraxy when presenting their data, and determine how researchers’ theological perspectives could influence their results.
The Effect of Biblical Exegesis
Researchers who begin a project in the area of the Christian faith and its appropriate expression will obtain results based upon their approach to the Bible. This book gives Christians their knowledge of God, their basis for faith, and their patterns for living. As a collection of ancient documents, those who apply the principles of biblical exegesis can uncover its true meaning. Christians over the centuries have applied the doctrines and principles gained through biblical study, and have successfully devoted their life to Christ, and the point where orthodoxy (right belief), orthopraxy (...

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...d produce a number of results, depending upon the tact taken. As discussed, the researcher’s worldview is central to the discussion. This foundational aspect in the individual’s life will determine the values and techniques the examiner will employ in the project. Assuming researchers apply biblical exegesis, they can expect this to have a moderating effect between orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Researchers must also guard against personal bias that could skew their results. A number of personal traits may be present; however, the researcher must exercise great care in order to minimize their effect on the overall project. The theological perspective of the researcher can also play a major role in the results. By adhering to orthodox theology, and practicing biblical exegesis, the researcher can be reasonably sure that the results produced by the study will be reliable.

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