Essay on The Christian Views Of The Bible

Essay on The Christian Views Of The Bible

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Children growing up in religious families are thrust into the ways and belief systems of the church. Usually, children that are born into religious families are baptized before they ever have a chance to question the beliefs of the church they are being baptized into. Religion is based purely on faith in a higher omniscient power. No one has ever seen this power, but yet have complete faith that it exists. In order to continue this thought process, believers must get others to believe, the easiest of those being their children. Children are easily moldable and have an aspiration to be just like whomever their adult influence is. This, is perfect for the continuation of religion. While influence of the church on children can be a good thing, it can also create confusion and promote an intolerance of all kinds of people.

Starting in the book of Genesis the bible seemingly defines every general situation of life and how a good Christian should react to them. One of the main issues brought up by many when discussing the bible are the Christian views of homosexuality. Children are taught at a young age that homosexuality is a sin and is not acceptable. While the bible states that intercourse with another man is a sin, it also states that eating pork or wearing clothing woven from two different kinds of material. If "God" has set these rules and some of them have been overcome, are we all sinners? Or is there a possibility that the bible is outdated. As a race, we have developed and become independent. Are we losing faith as a whole or is this omniscient, all-knowing and seeing God steering us in the direction of acceptance? Obviously, those who are gay and choose to lay with another man didn 't just wake up one day and decided to b...

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...ans have something to live for. Without faith, we simply live and die. The fear of nothing after death or even the fear of eternal hell will usually help to mold children in to being generally good people. Religion gives people a reason to live and a basis to live their life by. Religion within society is quite interesting. From the point of view in a Christian based society, all other religions must be saved to achieve salvation, but to other religions, we are those who must be converted. It has been my belief that whatever god or Creator there may be, he or she or even they are loving and caring of their people. A white man will see a white god, and a dark man will see the creator as the natural spirit that has saved and created everything they know. That being said, who is to say that this Creator does not show themselves to cultures as they would easiest believe?

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