Christian Values And Social Liberalism Essay

Christian Values And Social Liberalism Essay

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How many of us in society can say No, understand the true meaning of religion the basic principles? What is it about the social conflicts in America? How much do we know about the Christian values and the progressive ideology impact it has on modern America? Religion can be define as beliefs in symbols or objects. According to Rosman and Rubel (2001) “Religion is defined as the culture means by which human deal with the supernatural” to which there is a flip side” that the supernatural deals with human.” (p. 209). This paper will discuss the characteristics of social conflict in modern America resulting from traditional Christian values and social liberalism. After addressing the issues, I will incorporate the perspectives of Reisman Merton and Bonhoeffer and how they would react to my assessment.
Regular traditional Christian religious values were all about following God will and living by his word. Traditional Christian values are opposite of what we see in today society. According to Seliminian (2010), “A duty is laid upon the church by the lord to speak and act for justice, for economic conditions that make disrupted family life possible, for better housing, better educational opportunities, better health services including access to and information about family planning and above all, for peace” (p. 84). The church was all about social liberalism and everyone treated equal and given the same opportunities. The tradition Christian values are about kindness, love for one another, honestly giving unto others, to forgiving, not judge people and most importantly worship only God. (Bible Mark-12: 28-30). Looking at the values of the traditional Christian religion social conflict comes into play when the world in those who do not ...

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...onesty, or to treat people wrong. (NIV, Bible, Exodus 20:2- 17). We live in a world that is only for certain people to achieve greatness. In Bonhoeffer view, these are not the way of a Christ. Bonhoeffer would state that everything that I wrote is similar to what he calls cheap grace and real grace. That in order for people to be saves of the world they must repent and follow Christ.
Throughout Riesman, Merton, and Bonhoeffer’s assessment they all seemed to agree with my assessment, that religion needs to be brought back and somehow we need to help the people understand the important of their traditional Christian values need to be acknowledge. They all see social conflict the same way I do and that is the world has relied so heavenly on the media, money, and self- gain that so many people are being left without and these things are not the Christian ways.

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