Essay about Christian 's Theory Of The World

Essay about Christian 's Theory Of The World

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Christian’s theory of the world, used for living in the world is panentheism. The term panentheism in Greek means “all (is) in God.” Panentheism aims to do justice both to transcendence (God is beyond or more than the world) and immanence (God is in the world). To clarify, God is transcendent can be shown by two transcendent characteristics love and grace. In the Old Testament, God’s love is concentrated on his chosen people of Israel. His love is seen as He initiates a relationship with humans. It is shown in HIs willingness to allow man to have the freedom of choice.The full scope and meaning of God’s love is revealed in the New Testament. His love reaches out to all people, not only to the Israelites. His unselfish love was shown when He sent His one and only Son to die on the cross to redeem the lost. It was His agape love that compelled His act of self-sacrifice. Two of the attributes that exemplify God’s immanence are His omnipotence and omnipresence. He has an all-pervading presence and power within the world. There are also some important implications of God’s immanence. He can, for instance, work indirectly to accomplish His purposes. The practice of medicine exemplifies this in instances in which a doctor or a medication is God’s channel for His activity of healing. God is also free to use individuals who are outside of His chosen people. In the Old Testament, He chose a pagan king, Cyrus, to free the Israelites from bondage. The other important implication of His immanence, especially seen in His omnipotence and omnipresence, is that God is infinite. He is not limited to a certain spot within nature, He is beyond nature. There is nowhere that He cannot be found. He is infinite in relation to time, for He is timeless. Go...

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...eveals himself to us in creation. But, these Christians are said to not participate in God 's essence. Furthermore, this deification does not mean that a person stops sinning or no longer struggles with sin. Instead, deification is a mystical union with God that proceeds throughout the person 's life and culminates in the resurrection of the body. For example, it is through this process of theosis, displaying God’s character and experiencing His absolute, limitless love, that we come to know how to love even our enemies. It is only through His Spirit residing within us that we as believers love and pray for those who seek to do us harm (Romans 12:14–21). For instance, a man who was shot by another man as a result that man is now in jail being sentenced to death. The man who was shot never hated the other man, but prayed for him and tried to get clemency for him.

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