Christian Religion And The Creeds Essay

Christian Religion And The Creeds Essay

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I believe there is plenty of value in faith communities reciting the creeds because if we didn’t how would people who have no prior knowledge about Christian religions have an overview of such a difficult story in Lameman’s terms. I believe that when we all recite the creeds it just shows that every Christian religion believes in the same core values. With that we show people who don’t know about religion or just general non-believers that there is unity among all denominations of Christians. That is a much more powerful statement because actions speak louder than words. I think it is a wonderful idea to really publicize and emphasize the fact that all Christians are connected despite the title because of the sometimes negative connotations that come with being Christian. Like that we are very divided and that we all believe in a different god and that our god is vengeful and hateful, if you aren’t apart of a certain religion. So demonstrating to everyone that we are not divided and that our god isn’t in fact this way can sometimes be the reason someone decides to give faith a try an...

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