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Christian Moral And Of Christians Essay

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Christian Moral Theology- 2
The identity of Christians is embedded in the etymology of the word “Christian.” This means that not only history, but church history plays a part in the development of how and why we came to be called Christians. This brings forth a question if one who comes to know and accept Christ has the resource or freedom to receive baptism and be received into the Body of Christ. The paper will revolve around the biblical stories and course readings to explore the contribution of Scripture toward Christian moral formation and, if there is a single vision of the moral life in Christian Scripture.
Referring to the idea that God communicates with people that pray to him, it is important for Christian believers to understand that Christians do not worship the same God as Muslims that includes other gods of other religions, but excludes the Jews. This is my personal belief. Though Charles Kimball, in his book, When Religion Becomes Evil states “Allah is the God Christians and Jews worship,” I do not side with this statement for various reasons. One of the major reasons is as mentioned in the Christian scripture “I am the Lord, and there is no other; besides me there is no other god.” Kimball also points out that “God doesn’t want to hear the prayers of the Jews; it is simply that he can’t.” Using this as a reference, a Christian needs to be reminded that no matter which person is praying to God, God’s eye is not small that cannot see and God’s ear is not dull, that cannot hear any lament, cry or prayer. The Christian scripture points out in Jeremiah 29:13 “When you search for me, you will find me; if you seek me with all your heart.” The Christian scripture, in particular, the Book of Jeremiah is the book of the...

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...n, one needs to be attentive to God’s command. That is from where the Christian believer understands about God, God’s word and purpose of ritual of burial manifested through burial of the dead body. In this instance, the Christian scripture would point out to the truth of God’s command as well as contribute greatly to Christian moral formation, because the dead body needs a protocol. One of the reasons might be because God created humans out of the dust, and the dead body needs to be buried with full honor, because it is returning to its place of origin, we would be say “farewell” by helping it t be received by the Earth, with due honor and respect. The burning of the dead bodies in the Bible points to punishments and/or martyrdom. This means, the Christian scripture will bring enlightenment and awareness to help the believers to receive Christian moral formation.

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