Christian Monks And The Christian Teachings Essay

Christian Monks And The Christian Teachings Essay

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Monks are known to live in seclusion and to focus their mind on spirituality. Yet, there is more to their lives than just that. Early Christian monks strived to protect Christianity. Christians during this time were being persecuted for their religion. Many were in danger of pagans whose religion maintained a stronghold on theirs. In order to protect the faith, monks tried to get people to remain resilient in their faith. Monks wanted ideas like this to be passed down to other fellow Christians. That is why the intended audience from the Early Christians Lives is fellow Christians. Early Christian monks stressed the idea of having faith in God, so that fellow Christians who have faith would be protected from enemies, that certain situations can be resolved and that by having faith in prayer virtuous outcomes can come.
To maintain faith in Christ, one must have faith that God can protect them from enemies. Many of the monks in the early writings fought off the devil. The devil is an enemy of Christians. He will try to inhabit human’s minds as he did in the story of Hilarion. There was a man possessed by a demon that was so tough that even the iron holding him down was broken. A lot of people were scared of him. Though, when Hilarion confronts him the demon is able to overpower him at first. He lifts him up in the air by his hair. Hilarion is able to overthrow the demon by saying “O lord Jesus, release this poor man, release this captive” (97). Hilarion had faith in Christ and showed no fear. Stories like this are mentioned for Christians to have faith in Christ. In return for having faith, God will help the Christians against the enemy. Christ is the source of power for Christians. He died on the cross for their sins. It is throug...

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...aith in Christ, so that they can be protected from enemies, that situations can be resolved and that spontaneous outcomes arrive. Early monks had to deal with a pagan culture for quite a long time. In The Life of Antony, there were Christian emperors for fifty years, despite the wide variety of pagans ().Christians should have faith that God will protect them from these enemies and that even includes the devil. This is until Christ comes back to get his own people. However, even in the time of danger Christ will help Christians. People need to be resilient in their faith. They can trust Christ. Especially if a close family member is sick, he will help them if they have faith in prayer. Christ will not forget his people and he is there to be a help in need. For God to protect his people, an individual is required to have faith. Truly, faith is a virtue that goes far.

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