Christian Minority And The Separation Of Church And State Essay

Christian Minority And The Separation Of Church And State Essay

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Christian Majority in U.S. and The Separation of Church and State
The United States of America is a country built on Christian values. The Pilgrims came to the United States in order to seek religious freedom and they founded the United States as a haven from religious persecution. The founding in itself is based on a Judeo-Christian worldview and has Christian principles ingrained into the founding documents. This Christian belief appears in the American coin, “In God We Trust”, and even the presidential speeches like Obama’s and Nixon’s ones when they say at the end “(…) God bless the United States of America.” An immense portion of people in the United States believes in God, and statistics show that most of the Americans identify themselves as Christians. Christians should be involved in politics because it secures their rights, and allows for the enforcement of policies that will protect moral values such as promoting principles like freedom, life, and the pursuit of happiness.
The United States’ Christian Influence
The Christian worldview of the settlers of the United States helped to build an admired society by the rest of the world. Principles like freedom of belief and speech was not common back in the old times. The Pursuit of Happiness stated by Thomas Jefferson in the United States’ Declaration of Independence likewise was Christian point of view about individual rights that the citizens possess. They had the right to have safeness from other citizens and other countries, also viewpoints taken from the Bible.
The United States still is a Christian country. Gallup analytics realized a poll with 326.271 American adults about their religious choice, 77 percent of the interviewed identified themselves as Christians. The p...

... middle of paper ... sure that they have a satisfactory life as United States’ citizens have showing the same principles that helped this nation to be what it is now.
American Christians should be able to fight on political field, not like secular citizens but concerned about their lives and the lives of the other much more than the secular ones. More than a guide to Christians souls and lives the Bible must be a guide to good government. Like the Holy Scriptures say a good government brings stability to the country and Christians should be focusing on that and recognize their papers not only as citizens of the holy city but also to this country. More than just politics it is a testimony of God’s glory to the wicked. Politics is a mean through which Christians can reach people to Christ and can bring a more convenient way of living the days God allowed the people to have.

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