Essay on Christian Metaphors and Movies About War

Essay on Christian Metaphors and Movies About War

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Religion in Pop Culture
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Platoon, directed by Oliver Stone, and "Saving Private Ryan," directed by Steven Spielberg, are two movies flush with Christian Symbolism. Both films feature scripture, Platoon opens with it, and in Saving Private Ryan, there is a character that often quotes scripture. While there are some similarities between the two movies, like having a Christ Figure, and a conflict between good and evil, there are metaphors that make the films different from one another. Platoon features more complex metaphors, and focuses on a power struggle between two characters that represent good and evil. The Metaphors in Saving Private Ryan are obvious, and more focused on the lost returning home, then on a struggles between good and evil. Saving Private Ryan heavily features the theme of "Gods work" and "god's will" while Platoon addresses the greater struggle between good and evil, and more so the chaos of war; though both films display Christian metaphors, the films differ in the presentations of their Christian themes.
"Saving Private Ryan" directed by Steven Spielberg, was released in 1998. The film, set in France during World War II, follows a small squadron of men led by Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) on a mission to find Private James Ryan (Matt Damon.) and send him home. Ryan has three other brothers that have been killed in combat, and the U.S government has issued orders for his return.
The dichotomy of good and evil is a common theme in both Christianity and the Bible, and plays a large role in this film. World War II was a conflict between the Allied forces (United States, United Kingdom, etc.) which represent the "Good" pitted against the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan,) which represent the ‘Evil." ...

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...ated. There is no aspect of "Gods Work" in Platoon, as there in in Saving Private Ryan. Both movies present Christian metaphors, but both movies handle it in different ways.

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